Prince Street Residence by Gallin Beeler Design Studio

Located in a historically significant neighborhood in Newton, Massachusetts, the Prince Street House was completely renovated by Gallin Beeler Design Studio.

Description by Gallin Beeler Design Studio

The residence was originally the barn for a neighboring estate. When the property was subdivided in the 1950s the barn and carriage house were converted to a single family residence. Due to the subdivision the east facing barn became awkwardly oriented with the primary axis front to back and the front door and vehicular arrival on opposite sides of the house. A series of poorly conceived additions over the years further contributed to the house’s awkwardness.

This project reoriented the house by creating an east-west axis, giving it a front face, and completely redefining the interaction between the interior and exterior spaces. The new front face was simplified and provided with a wrap around porch with exterior fireplace and a cobblestone turnabout creating a welcoming arrival sequence worthy of the neighborhood’s elegant roots. The floor plan is organized hierarchically from exterior to core and public to private. Inside, flowing spaces surround the central circulation core providing spatial connection between the basement, first, and second floors not typical in historic homes. The new central core consists of bright airy space anchored by a grand staircase, complete with an integrated trellis wall, guards, rails, and paneling. This innovative contemporary detailing fully complements and enhances the historical character of the residence.

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- by Matt Watts