Lounge 17 by by Seungmo Lim

Located in Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea, this contemporary hotel room was designed in 2014 by Seungmo Lim.

Description by by Seungmo Lim

Hotel rooms are no longer simply for purpose of lodging, but extended to show and share different culture and experience. Lounge17, a specially designed room of Hotel the Designers Incheon, has three different natures harmonized and is designed to reflect and satisfy interest and trends of recent visitors. Chill-toned bedroom surrounded by snow white bricks create contrast while facing bar radiating with warmth-giving wooden decorations and embroidered in incandescent lights. Materials performing warm and cool and textures producing clear and coarse create synergy in one space throughout lines traversing across the floor and surfaces bending around the walls.

White Brick Wall

Layer of white bricks reflecting ceiling lights adds depth and mystique on the walls. Along with the walls, glistening pale marble bed catches the reflected light and creates an oblique line running across the room to connect to the wooden bar.

Photography courtesy of Seungmo Lim

- by Matt Watts

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