Futuristic Residence by Arshia Architects

Designed by Arshia Architects, this futuristic single family house is located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Description by Arshia Architects

Located on Mulholland Drive, this single-family residence scheme was molded by the strict regulations of the Mulholland Scenic corridor plan along with extreme site constraints.

The residence is integrated into the surrounding landscape with a geometric appearance mimicking the terrain and sudden deviations of rock formations within the natural landscape. Sunken 18 feet below street level to ensure clear views from the street atop the building, fitting the project within the two story envelop became the main limitation.

The private rooms and a convertible office with a sliding partition wall is housed in the upper level and the main living and entertainment centers were situated on the lower level, aligned with the outdoor deck and infinity pool.

Photograpy by Paul Vu

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- by Matt Watts

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