Piney Point Estate by Marie Flanigan Interiors

Piney Point Estate is a beautiful contemporary residence located in Piney Point, Maryland, designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors.

Spacious living room with stone fireplace, wood beams, and large arched windows.
A cozy living room with arched windows, a rustic beam ceiling, and a contemporary chandelier.
The image showcases a modern, open-concept living space with exposed wooden beams, a chandelier, and an orange-hued chair.
Rustic living space with arched windows, wood beams, and metal chandeliers.
Bright, rustic-chic room with wooden beams, stone fireplace, and modern furnishings.
Spacious kitchen with marble countertops, wooden beams, and hanging pendant lights.
Rustic dining room with stone walls, wooden beams, and modern blue velvet chairs.
Rustic wood-beamed ceiling, arched windows, and stone walls create a warm, inviting interior.
Spacious closet with glass-front cabinets, stylish rug, and crystal chandelier.
Rustic bedroom with vaulted wood ceiling, fireplace, and cozy furnishings.
Luxurious marble bathroom with freestanding tub, vanity, and arched doorway to bedroom.

About Piney Point Estate

Welcome to Piney Point Estate

In the heart of Piney Point, Maryland, the Piney Point Estate stands as a paragon of contemporary house design. Crafted by Marie Flanigan Interiors, this residence offers a fresh take on modern living.

A Seamless Transition from Outside In

The estate greets visitors with an expansive outdoor dining area, where nature and architecture merge effortlessly. Step inside, and the living room unfolds with clean lines and a fireplace that anchors the space, enhanced by natural light streaming through tall windows.

Savoring the Heart of the Home

Flowing from the living room, the kitchen welcomes with its marble islands and sleek cabinetry. Modern fixtures hover above, casting a warm glow on the culinary stage set for daily life and social gatherings alike.

Moving to the private quarters, the bedroom is a highlight, boasting reclaimed wood beams that contrast with soft, white textiles. The accompanying fireplace adds warmth, while the decor reflects a refined simplicity.

Adjacent lies the closet, presenting a different side of luxury. Here, fashion and functionality marry in a display of illuminated shelves and chic accessories.

The journey through Piney Point Estate continues with a study in contrasts: a dining room where rustic meets modern, with a sturdy wooden table set against a backdrop of vibrant artwork.

Finally, the tour concludes in a second living area. It’s an inviting space that balances soft sofas with bold art pieces, encapsulating the estate’s spirit: comfortable yet daring, calm yet vibrant.

Photography by Marie Flanigan Interiors

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- by Matt Watts