Apartment in London by Studio L

Apartment in London is an inspiring home designed in 2015 by Studio L located in London, United Kingdom.

Modern living room with stylish furniture and large windows.
Modern living room with large windows and stylish decor.
Chic living room with large windows and eclectic furniture.
Modern bedroom interior with striped wallpaper and abstract art.
Chic bedroom with houndstooth chair and distinctive dresser by window.
Elegant bathroom with marble walls and teal tiles.
Modern bathroom with marble tiles and teal accent wall.

About Apartment in London

Welcome to “Apartment in London,” a contemporary masterpiece crafted by Studio L, nestled in the vibrant heart of London, United Kingdom. This modern apartment, designed for the sophisticated urban dweller, offers an intimate look into cutting-edge design married seamlessly with luxury living.

An Entrance Wrapped in Elegance

As you step into the world of Apartment in London, the entrance sets the stage with sleek, dark wood floors leading to an expanse of living space bathed in natural light. Here, plush sofas invite intimate conversations, while vibrant pillows add a dash of zest.

A Living Room with a View

Transitioning into the living room, one’s gaze is drawn to the large windows framing leafy treetops, a rare find in the bustling city. The space is punctuated by a unique, sculptural chair, a silent ode to London’s innovative spirit.

Dining in Style

Adjacent to the living area, the dining space boasts elegant chairs and a sleek table, promising evenings of culinary delight and togetherness. Studio L’s design integrates the kitchen, featuring state-of-the-art appliances, into the backdrop of shared memories.

Within the private sanctuary of the bedroom, warm, neutral tones offer a calming retreat. The artwork whispers of creativity, a hallmark of Studio L’s aesthetic.

Finally, the bathroom reveals a juxtaposition of textures—glossy teal tiles complement the serene marble, embodying contemporary elegance. Designed in a recent renaissance of urban architecture, this Apartment in London redefines the essence of city living with timeless grace and modern flair.

Photography by Nick Rochowski

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- by Matt Watts