Penthouse in Peckham by Ensoul

Penthouse in Peckham is an industrial apartment located in London, United Kingdom, redesigned by Ensoul.

Modern living room with sectional sofa, colorful decor, and open kitchen.
Bright living room with red sofa, white walls, and a yellow lamp.
Contemporary living space with colorful bookshelf and grey sofa.
Contemporary dining room with exposed beams and minimalist decor.
Modern kitchen with wooden island, stainless steel fridge, and white brick walls.
Modern living room interior with exposed beams and colorful decor seen through an open door.
Bright minimalist loft bedroom with slanted ceilings and skylights.
Modern bedroom with white walls, large bed, and abstract art.
Modern bathroom with mosaic tile wall, white sink, and black faucet.
Contemporary bathroom with blue tiled shower and sleek white fixtures.

About Penthouse in Peckham

Nestled in the vibrant heart of London’s Peckham district, the “Penthouse in Peckham” stands as a testament to the ingenious design by Ensoul. This industrial-style apartment, remodeled and fully refurbished, boasts an outdoor terrace that captures the essence of urban luxury.

Industrial Chic

Step inside, and the expansive open-plan kitchen greets you, a signature space of the Ensoul design. The bespoke kitchen features a book-matched Oak island, anthracite cabinetry, and Corian worktops, flawlessly combining form with function. The adjoining dining area, with its tailored joinery details, invites gatherings under the playful symphony of pendant lights.

The living room transitions smoothly from the dining area, where comfort meets industrial sophistication. The space is a harmonious blend of warm textiles and modern furniture, all under the canopy of striking steel beams that pay homage to the apartment’s industrial roots.

A Tranquil Retreat

The serene bedrooms whisper relaxation with their muted palettes and artful accents, reflecting the latest in design trends. Ensoul’s attention to detail is evident in the custom joinery that provides both aesthetic and practical solutions. The bathrooms echo the apartment’s chic ethos, with one featuring translucent blue tiles and sleek fixtures, and the other adorned with unique mosaic tiles that add a touch of artisanal charm.

In conclusion, the “Penthouse in Peckham” is a celebration of contemporary design, strategically reimagined by Ensoul. It stands as a hallmark of luxury and comfort, offering a unique living experience in the London real estate market. Designed thoughtfully in 2023, this apartment encapsulates the spirit of modern living while offering a nod to the industrial past.

Photography courtesy of Ensoul

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- by Matt Watts