Mountain Home Ranch by Amy A. Alper

Situated in Calistoga, California, this beautiful mountain home ranch has been designed in 2018 by Amy A. Alper and Jennifer Robin Interiors.


The approach to the design is modern in spirit with spaces organized around formal axial circulation—from the living room to the master suite with complementary cross-axis from the main entry to the rear terrace and in again at a more private hallway.

Ensuring connection to the views was key during the design process and the best views were toward the corners of many of the primary spaces. The view from the main living room across to Mt. Saint Helena at the head of the Napa Valley is especially striking. The architecture responded by marrying a modern sensibility—airy corner windows—with rustic materials.

The project was into the design development phase with schematic layouts for the kitchen and baths having been established, but not fully developed. The integration of exterior materials, stone and cedar, into the interior was set very early in the architectural process to bring a specific identity to the forms that make up the overall composition. Jennifer Robin Interiors brought their vision to the millwork, interior finishes, fabrics, decorative lighting, and furnishings, including many custom pieces, turning the house into a home.

Photography courtesy of Amy A. Alper

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- by Matt Watts

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