Triumph: Eclectic Style of Stones & Metals by Yodezeen Architects

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this eclectic apartment has been recently designed by Yodezeen Architects.


Our Triumph is a victory of design over the ordinary, style over mediocrity and good taste over compromises. Look for more eclectic style interior designs via our website:

Designing this apartment, we tried to create a home for the family, a home that would serve as the beginning of new traditions, a home where you can gather close people and friends, a home where you can relax, work, cook, spend time with children or just be alone with your thoughts with all that eclectic style fashion.

To implement the idea of the design we chose the eclectic style that millennials prefer. The project plays with natural light, bright, but at the same time with the powerful stones and metals surfaces all over the apartment.

We took an advantage to make one of our best projects in a very complicated building. After all the architectural ebbs & flows, our team has designed a truly composite interior in a duplex apartment with interventions that are mindful of textures, colors, node points and combinations. On the first floor are concentrated common areas, such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, home office area, as well as the guest and children’s parts. The second floor is completely reserved for the master block area.

Photography courtesy of Yodezeen Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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