MUD Residence by Kerstens Interior

MUD Residence is a contemporary house located in Oud-Heverlee, Belgium, designed in 2021 by Kerstens Interior.

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Whether you are a creative mind or a passionate Epicurean, MUD is a new space that is likely to titillate your senses. MUD residence is an atypical and ritzy guesthouse near the forest of Heverlee (Leuven, Belgium). The house hosts up to 4 people and has a private spa and lush garden design. MUD is equipped with the latest and sophisticated features to have a full and extended holiday experience and a comfortable stay.

Sophie and Frank, the creators of this new kind of guest house, surrounded themselves with interior designer Andy Kerstens to transform a 1960s residence into a guest house in which culture, vintage design, and contemporary architecture coexist in harmony. The original style elements from the 60’s villa were reinterpreted in a contemporary and honest way, yet reviving the authentic details and materialization. Pure and sober lines create new views, open light-flooded spaces resulting in an enjoyable and bright atmosphere. A minimal and sleek steel extension enlarges the living room and invites the guest to have a strong connection with the garden and its beautiful surroundings. Natural and almost weathered materials add contrast to the spaces – in line with the philosophy of MUD and their creators. Tactile details, refined yet roughly finishes and contrasting textures trigger all senses for a fully immersed experience. A well-curated collection of design classics, authentic vintage pieces, and interesting art finishes the interior and translates the soul and experiences of the inspirers behind MUD.

MUD residence can be used in multiple ways and is a blank canvas for great ideas and exclusive happenings, submerging you in an understated luxurious, almost rural yet refined setting.

Molding the bold

MUD wouldn’t be MUD without an added dimension: personalization of space. The name MUD is actually a nod to clay that you can shape however you like. You choose what your living, working, or relaxing space should look like. MUD does the rest.
The daring architecture and the skillful layout of this guest house flanked by a creation studio make it easy to transform it into a meeting room, but also into a photo or recording studio

(as part of a musical project) or a podcast, in particular. Creative minds, but also companies looking for inspiring places will be able to model MUD in their image. Peaceful retreat or creative hub: the choice is theirs.

Stay – Create – (Re)Connect

Through the boldness of its layout, MUD is intended to be an incredible source of inspiration for its residents. The outdoor terrace is ideal for enjoying a barbecue to share in a friendly atmosphere. In the creative studio, you can organize meetings, give or take workshops or training sessions with a personal coach, organize an exhibition or improvise a writing retreat. Those who wish to relax will enjoy the private bio sauna with infrared radiant heat, the relaxation room, or the Weltevree hot tub. If the house is already a source of inspiration in itself, its surroundings are too. Located in the heart of nature, in the heart of Flemish Brabant – only 20 minutes from Brussels- in a setting conducive to letting go, it allows you to go on foot or by bike to explore the woods of Heverlee. Whatever your desires or expectations, MUD guarantees you a stay marked by multiple and stimulating experiences.

MUD wouldn’t be what it is without the creativity and daring of Sophie and Frank, its founders. Because for them, creating a beautiful and inspiring place was not enough. What motivated them was to allow you to initiate more spiritual work, such as an invitation to connect with yourself, your partner, your friends, your family, or your colleagues. Conducive to emotional tranquility and creative radiance, MUD not only stimulates your creative process, but also a deep connection with all who share it with you.

Are you organizing a vernissage, an intimate dinner with the person you love, a product launch for your professional network, a private wine or cheese tasting? Whatever your ideas, MUD is the place to make them come true. For its founders, each of your projects is like the beginning of history and a new challenge to be taken up with you.

Photography by Piet-Albert Goethals

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- by Matt Watts