Tips for Managing Home Renovation Waste

If you are completing a DIY project, you will almost certainly generate waste. It might be difficult to know the best way to deal with the many types of waste created. But, whether you’re renovating your old kitchen or finally decided to update your garden, there are ways to make properly disposing of the rubbish manageable and affordable.

Tip 1: Anticipate the quantity of waste you will generate.

Depending on the type of DIY project you’re doing, you’ll need to figure out how much waste you’ll generate. Prepare a list of the waste you already know you need to dispose of if possible before you begin. By planning ahead, it will indicate how much waste will be produced, and you can create estimated costs and appropriate methods for clearing it and arranging any help you may need.

Tip 2: Make responsible waste disposal decisions.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the waste generated by your DIY project is managed and disposed of correctly when the time comes. Far too often, items from home improvements that could have been recycled finish up being fly-tipped or thrown away. Anyone who disposes of waste, as well as those who produce waste, is legally liable for properly disposing of it. If you prefer to have your waste disposed of by a third party, you must ensure that they have a waste carrier’s license and that they are properly insured.

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Tip 3: Look for help!

Once you’ve determined the scope of your project and approximated the amount of waste it will generate, you can determine how you’ll discard it and whether you’ll require assistance. You can, for example, contact a local skip hire company or a man with a van service to collect your rubbish for you. This way, you can rest assured that your waste will be properly disposed of, and you will save time by not having to dispose of it yourself.

Fletchers Waste Management, a waste management company and experts with Skip Hire Sheffield deal with DIY projects every day and have created this list from advising their recent customers.

- by Matt Watts