Casa Tide by In56

Casa Tide is a modern apartment located in Guecho, Spain, designed by In56 in 2023.

Located right by the shore, this stunning property offers an open and diaphanous living space divided into two areas – day and night. The day area features an office, a large hallway, and a living room, kitchen, and dining room connected together. To separate the living and dining areas, Momocca added an Adara sideboard with grooved doors.

Experience the perfect blend of water and sand in this beautiful beachfront apartment.

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About Casa Tide

“In the encounter between water and sand is our resting place: that rest is home”. This is Casa Tide, the new project by In56.

Vanesa Vergara and Andrea Diego signed this integral reform that leaves behind a compartmentalised and closed space to become an open and diaphanous home. To achieve this, partitions were removed and the spaces were opened up to divide the home into two areas; day and night.

In the day area there is an office and a large hallway connected to the living room, kitchen and dining room.

Momocca participates in this project with an Adara sideboard with grooved doors, which serves as a room divider between the living and dining areas.

Photography by Birdebost Photos

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- by Matt Watts