Home Remodeling Tips: Sleek and Effortless Ideas for a Modern Look

We all crave a safe and comfortable space after a hectic day, and our home provides us with that space. A well-decorated room doesn’t only reduce our stress, but it also helps lighten our mood. Your interior can have a massive impact on your psyche. This is why picking the right color combination and furniture is such an integral part of the decor.

Not sure how to redecorate your room? High-end furniture stores like Naturwood (www.Naturwood.com) have a room planner on their website that lets you visualize your new interior before you make the final purchase decisions. But before that, take a look at the tips below for remodeling ideas for every room that can help you achieve a sleek and modern look.


Bedrooms should be cozy and look lived-in. As we tend to unwind in this room and rest, we should create a calming atmosphere here. The best way to achieve this is to work on the color of the walls and furniture. Add an accent wall in the room – either behind the bed or behind the seating area. This creates a nice focal point for your room. You can choose muted colors for your bedroom, but pick brighter colors for your kid’s room. If you want to keep it light and airy, choose pastels and decorate with brighter colors.

Matching the colors of room accessories such as pillowcases and curtains also ties the whole decor. Using rugs of contrasting colors can add variation. Make sure that the color of the furniture is consistent with the room decor. Too much contrast can upset the balance and make the room look disheveled.


Decorating the bathroom can be a tricky task, but making small changes can make a big difference. You should decide on the decor before you’ve finished the interior of your bathrooms. Pick colors and contrasts and buy tiles accordingly. The use of black, white, and gold can denote luxury while using pastel pairings can give your bathroom a soothing look.

If your bathroom is already built, you can try changing the flooring to change the look. You can pick polished concrete or epoxy if you want your bathroom floor to be spill-proof.

If you can’t change the structure, you can still change the interior by adding decorations and changing the accessories. Replace closed cabinets with open shelves. Add a large mirror to have a magnifying effect. Remove shower stalls and use a tub to open up the space, or use glass dividers with thinner frames.

Finally, tie the look with matching curtains, rugs, and towels. You can also add artificial plants to make the place look alive.

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Kitchen remodeling is perhaps the most popular type of remodeling. A well-planned kitchen can change the look of your home. Cooking can create grime and grease and can easily make a room dirty, so choosing the right materials and colors ensures that your kitchen is easily washable and looks new for a long time.

Always keep harmony among the floors, walls, and counters. Choose ceramic, stone tiles, or porcelain floors of varying colors to create a minimal look. Avoid using dark colors as they make the space look congested. But you can experiment with the cabinet colors to add a splash of color to the room.

A tiny breakfast bar can help open up space. Hide your fridge inside the pantry to have more available space. You can also add a foldable table for parties.

Dining Room

Remodeling the dining room requires the same effort that goes into a kitchen. Just like other rooms, changing the wall color and flooring can make a huge difference. Avoid dark colors. Use pastels and match the tone with the furniture to create a cohesive look. You can pick heavy accessories, such as light stands or chandeliers, to make the room look regal without making it tacky.

You can also play with the upholstery colors, placemats, and even curtains to bring variation to the whole look. Adding seasonal decor is also a great idea.

Living Room

Remodeling the living room is perhaps the easiest as you can pour all the color in a blank canvas and create it however you like. Choosing light colors will create an airy and open look, whereas choosing richer colors will make it look regal. Choose accent colors for the curtains, cushion covers, and rugs. Pick an upholstery a few shades different from these.

Hanging paintings on the wall can help set the ambiance. Adding seasonal decoration to the room also reflects your taste and gives the room a fresh new look every season.


Closets are pretty dull and usually remain untouched, but spicing them up can increase their functionality and add more value to your home. Try to make use of every inch of space inside your closet. Add extra shelves or hanging racks to double up the storage. Place stackable storage units on the floor so that you can move them around as needed. Using bamboo baskets can be an eco-friendly storage option.

If you have two closets in adjacent rooms divided by a wall, remove them to create a larger storage area. You can use a foldable divider and create sections as needed.

Remodeling your home can be a daunting task, but it’s not too difficult when you have a clear vision and a list of requirements. If you’re taking it up as a DIY project, choosing a good furniture store can help you get what you want. With a little planning and budgeting, you can remodel your home sustainably, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

- by Matt Watts