Holiday House: Inside Poland’s Tranquil, Modern Home Design

Discover the Holiday House in Poland, a haven of modern living and seamless indoor-outdoor integration. Designed by indoor in 2022, this house is a masterpiece of light, natural elements, and open-plan elegance. Join us as we explore a living space that redefines elegance and functionality, harmoniously blending with the scenic Polish countryside.

Contemporary living room with neutral tones and large windows.
Contemporary living room with neutral tones and open-plan design.
Light wood kitchen with minimalist design and large window.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, shelving, and white pendant lights
Cozy reading nook with a patterned armchair, wooden bookshelf,
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, walk-in shower, and sleek sink
Modern bathroom with wooden vanity, vessel sink, and walk-in shower.
Minimalist room with wood paneling, elliptical mirror, and open door to

About Holiday House

Welcome to the Holiday House

Nestled in the picturesque Polish countryside, the Holiday House captivates with understated elegance and a seamless blend of indoor-outdoor living. Designed by the acclaimed firm indoor in 2022, this home redefines modern living with its open-plan design and natural light infusion.

An Interior Alive with Natural Elements

Upon entering, the expansive living area welcomes guests with plush, neutral-toned sofas, encouraging relaxation and conversation. Large glass doors open to a verdant landscape, extending the living space into nature. The room transitions organically to a dining area, where warm wood tones dominate the furniture and shelving, creating cohesion and warmth.

Steadily moving through the interior, the kitchen emerges as a marvel of simplicity and function. Wooden cabinetry and sleek fixtures emphasize a philosophy of less is more, without sacrificing the gourmet appeal. Positioned centrally, the kitchen island becomes the heart of the home, inviting communal cooking and casual dining.

Adjacent to the kitchen, a dining room stands poised for intimate dinners or lively gatherings. Natural wood shelving adorns the walls, housing a selection of books and meaningful accents, while the expanse of a solid wood table demands attention, inviting one to sit and savor the space.

A tranquil reading nook offers solitude, featuring an eye-catching chair that stands out against the woodwork. It’s a testament to the design’s thoughtfulness, proof of a space crafted for every mood and moment.

Retreat to Serenity

The bathroom evokes a spa-like serenity, combining natural textures with modern amenities. A sleek bathtub and walk-in shower provide indulgent ways to unwind, while a floating vanity keeps the space light and uncluttered.

In the next bathroom, subtle tilework and wooden accents echo the home’s unity with nature. Here, practicality and elegance coalesce, embodying the clean, contemporary ethos of the Holiday House.

Concluding the tour, the entryway doubles as an inviting corridor and a functional mudroom. Signature wooden tones usher visitors in while granting a seamless transition back to the outdoors.

The Holiday House stands as a testament to modern Polish architecture: an idyllic retreat where every design choice underscores a commitment to tranquility, functionality, and a harmonious blend with the landscape.

Photography by Piotr Mastalerz
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- by Matt Watts