NAËVE: Exploring the Cultural Fusion at Milan’s Chic Patisserie

Discover NAËVE, STUDIOCARTA’s latest patisserie design in Milan, Italy. This 2023 project combines delicate aesthetics with a unique narrative, blending art, history, and worldwide flavors. Led by designer Mauro Carta, NAËVE introduces a sensorial culinary experience through the fictional character of Signorina Evelyn, embodying cultural elegance and timeless design.

Chic café interior with pleated counter and vertical wood slats
Modern café interior with pastel colors and geometric design.
Modern café interior with pastel colors, arched shelving, and stylish lighting
Chic cafe interior with pastel tones and minimalist shelving.
Modern café interior with pink chairs, white tables, and elegant pendant lights.
Modern bathroom with white toilet and a purple-accented wall with round mirror and
Shopfront with a pink counter, a person inside, and modern hanging lights.
Storefront with an arched entry, purple signboard, and a blurred passer


Introducing NAËVE: A Culinary Adventure in Milan

NAËVE, inaugurated on Via della Moscova in Milan, revolutionizes the pastry experience. This alchemy of delicate design and global cuisine is the brainchild of STUDIOCARTA. It brings an international flavor to Milan’s gastronomic scene.

The Story of Signorina Evelyn: A Fictional Muse

The patisserie draws inspiration from the fictional character Evelyn, a globetrotter and epitome of cultural fusion. With roots in Abu Dhabi and a life spanning the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, Evelyn’s adventures mirror the patisserie’s eclectic offerings.

A Design That Speaks Volumes

Designed by Mauro Carta, NAËVE showcases minimalistic elegance. Its soft, light design embodies Evelyn’s timeless elegance. From the counter’s curves to the decorated back wall and subtle colors, every detail complements the high pastry art presented.

A Sensorial Experience Through Pastry

Under the guidance of pastry chef Alessio Gavazzi, each dessert at NAËVE is an ode to Evelyn’s journey. These culinary masterpieces offer a feast for the senses, blending the art of Renaissance painting with the precision of Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

NAËVE is not just a patisserie; it’s a journey across continents and cultures, housed within Milan’s vibrant culinary landscape. It invites patrons to experience the world through the legacy of Signorina Evelyn, where each bite is a narrative of her life’s adventure.

Photography by Davide Galli Atelier
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- by Matt Watts