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The Home of Moshik Hadida: A Blend of Neo-Classical and Modern Design

Sleek, minimalist living space with modern furniture, glass walls, and industrial accents.

Explore The Home of Moshik Hadida, a unique house in Ganei Tikva, Israel, designed by Moshik Hadida himself. This property seamlessly blends neo-classical and modern-industrial styles, offering a personalized living space for the Hadida family. With natural materials like wood, stone, and iron, alongside industrial elements, this home showcases an organic look with rich textures and layers, all achieved during the challenging times of the Corona pandemic.

ST5 Residence: Transforming Space with Minimalist Design in Tel Aviv

Bright, minimalist open-concept living space with contemporary furniture, kitchen, and large windows.

Discover how Meirav Galan Architect (MGA) redefines modern family living in the ST5 Residence, a 125-sqm apartment nestled in a 1960s building in Tel Aviv, Israel. Designed in 2023, this renovation project embodies minimalist elegance, reimagining space with natural light, a calm color palette, and thoughtful design details to create a serene oasis for a young family.

House of K: Where Minimalism Meets Herzliya’s Vibrancy

Minimalist living room with dining area, light wooden floors, and modern furniture.

Discover the epitome of modern living in Herzliya, Israel, with the House of K. Designed in 2021 by Sharon Kenett, this house blurs the lines between spaces, bringing to life a minimalist aesthetic grounded in natural light and functional beauty. From the seamless flow of its open-concept living areas to the private tranquility of its bedrooms, House of K showcases a commitment to contemporary design and understated luxury.

MYNZ3: A Duplex in Tel Aviv with Stunning Sea and City Views

Sleek monochromatic living space with a dog on the sofa.

Discover MYNZ3, a duplex apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN. Spanning 105 square meters, this property merges industrial charm with luxurious living. Its unique structure offers views of the sea, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv’s skyline. Studio ETN‘s innovative design includes a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms, enhancing hospitality and family life.

MR750: Transforming City Living in Tel Aviv with Studio ETN

FeaturedModern living room with minimalistic decor and a piano.

Discover MR750, a breathtaking apartment transformation in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN in 2022. Transitioning from a spacious house, the client sought a city dwelling near family, leading to this 120 square meter space. Studio ETN reconceptualized it to cater to both living and hosting, integrating a versatile room and a luxurious master unit with distinct areas for practice, storage, and relaxation, all while embracing a classic material palette inspired by the client’s previous home.

Overlooking the Sea: A Luxurious Penthouse in Ashdod

Modern minimalist living room with gray sectional sofa, wooden floors, and sheer curtains.

Discover “Overlooking the Sea,” a luxurious 300 sqm penthouse in Ashdod, Israel, designed by Marina Rechter-Rubinshtein. This opulent apartment is built for a modern family, featuring a spacious balcony, pool, and bespoke interior spaces including a gym, office, and walk-in closet.

Experience unparalleled design, where functionality meets elegance in a stunning coastal setting.