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F5 Offices: A Masterpiece of Innovative Work Space in Israel

Contemporary office lobby with unique oval lighting and industrial ceiling.

Discover the cutting-edge F5 offices in Ramat Gan, Israel, designed by Michael Setter in 2023. This office space embodies flexibility, innovation, and a connection to nature with outdoor areas meant for socializing. It reflects F5’s commitment to pioneering application security in cloud environments, marrying functional design with vibrant colors and biophilic elements for a space that promotes collaboration and creativity.

JEK6: Redefining Space with Light and Luxury

Modern minimalist living room with neutral tones and clean lines.

JEK6, a five-room apartment in Jerusalem’s tranquil neighborhood, emerges anew under Studio ETN‘s vision.

Spanning 130 square meters (1399 square feet), this residence combines modern interior design with practical elegance. The transformation includes a bright, spacious living area, a luxurious master bedroom with a skylight-enhanced shower, and innovative storage solutions. Studio ETN‘s use of light oak, white nano laminate, and stone against Jerusalem’s cool backdrop creates a timeless, inviting space.

RTFP8: Tel Aviv’s Luxe Duplex with a Modern Twist

Modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows and cityscape view.

Studio ETN‘s RTFP8, a stunning duplex apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, marries modern architecture with functionality. Designed in 2022 for a family returning from Berlin, this home features unique spaces like a children’s ‘tree house’ and a master bedroom with an innovative partition.

Highlighting creative uses of space, RTFP8 includes a simulated natural light fixture and a luxurious rooftop with a hot tub and outdoor kitchen, offering views of Dizengoff Street and Tel Aviv’s skyline.

DI Apartment: Maya Sheinberger’s Minimalist Family Haven

FeaturedModern living room with sleek furniture and built-in wall shelving.

Step into the DI Apartment in Tel Aviv, a 150 sqm duplex masterpiece by Maya Sheinberger. Merging minimalist design with a warm, familial essence, this space showcases modern elegance and comfort.

Each material, from wood to stone, enriches the narrative, balancing sleek design with homely warmth. The apartment epitomizes functional luxury, seamlessly integrating family life with chic urban living, making it a paradigm of contemporary interior design in Israel’s vibrant heart.

Choc House: Minimalist Elegance in Israel

FeaturedModern living room with white walls, large windows, and stylish furniture.

Welcome to The Choc House, a stunning four-story home in Even Yehuda, Israel, brilliantly transformed by designer Yael Perry. Originally donned in rustic style, this 2023 renovation showcases a striking minimalist and modern aesthetic.

This architectural marvel redefines modern living, balancing straight and curved lines, and celebrates natural light, turning the Choc House into a breathtaking example of modern Israeli design.

Queen of the Desert: Be’er Sheva’s Penthouse Transformation

FeaturedQueen of the Desert: Be’er Sheva’s Penthouse Transformation

The Queen of the Desert project by Tzvia Kazayoff showcases the remarkable transformation of a 3-bedroom Be’er Sheva apartment into a 195 sqm (2,099 sqft) modern penthouse. Located in the heart of Israel, this home blends contemporary design with desert-inspired tones. The renovation echoes the Negev capital’s vibrant spirit and sun-drenched landscape, merging practicality with aesthetic elegance in a space that once lacked proportion.