SYZYGY Office by 3deluxe

Ultra modern SYZYGY office complex in Frankfurt was designed by famous German design collective 3deluxe. Following the creative and playful character of the office design, the interior is conceived as a multimedia field of experimentation for technical innovations and future applications. Below the gallery, you may find more info from the developer. Enjoy!

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About SYZYGY Office

3deluxe’s Visionary Entrance

The famous design collective, 3deluxe, masterfully crafted a significant freeform. Right at the agency’s entrance, it telegraphs a future-oriented mission to both customers and employees. This design primarily brings together informal workspaces, offering visitors an immediate taste of agency life.

Breathing Green into the Office

Peek through the perforated walls and you’ll find lush office greenery. This vegetation acts not just as a visual treat, but also as a “green lung”. It elevates air quality and enhances the overall experience.

Versatile Lounge Dynamics

At its heart, a curved lounge area emerges. Integrating seating options for casual meets to larger conferences, it also houses mobile workstations. Meanwhile, the freeform wall, adorned with graphic perforations and larger cut-outs, unveils hidden office spaces. This design fosters captivating viewpoints and promotes transparency.

Interactive Creativity Unleashed

True to its playful essence, the interior transforms into a multimedia experimentation arena. Employees can directly beam their evolving ideas and innovative drafts onto a media pinboard. This casts the freeform as an interactive playground, sparking inspiration for both staff and visitors.

Echoes of Organic Inspiration

The freeform’s organic language extends to a uniquely designed carpet. This motif ties the entire office together, mirroring its characteristic look. Embracing this progressive design, the workspaces and conference rooms exude an open, spacious feel, married with top-notch functionality.

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- by Matt Watts