House in Birch Forest by Aleksandr Zhidkov

Located in Polivanovo near Moscow, this modern wooden residence was designed by Kharkov, Ukraine – based architect Aleksandr Zhidkov.

Description by Aleksandr Zhidkov

The architect who will design a house in a picturesque location, the woods or on the waterfront, in addition to technical issues, it is necessary to solve the problem as much as possible to properly use the strengths of the area, it does not harm the environment. You must enter an object to provide him with the best views from the windows and correctly oriented to the cardinal points. Save rational layout of the premises and be done with this house spatially expressive blend well with the surroundings.

The ground on which the house was designed, is a small clearing on the edge of a birch grove. Although she was placed at the end of the site, the author of the project and the customer, it was decided to build a house on the site clear of trees.

House represents two unequal volume connected in the overall composition.

A smaller amount of floor includes a garage and furnace room. Its roof is operated, landscaping.

Greater volume located above the ground floor, has two floors above ground with two tiers of windows space, oriented to the east into the thicket of birch grove.

Photography courtesy of Aleksandr Zhidkov

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- by Matt Watts

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