House in Bangkok by Ayutt and Associates

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this contemporary single family residence was designed by Ayutt and Associates.

Description by Ayutt and Associates

To think about one single family house, LSR113 does a perfect story telling of relationship in one family by spatial organization. The sequence and hierarchy of space have been told from the inside to outside, as clearly seen in all places in this house. Similarly to typical suburban house, LSR113 is located in the great plot of gated community named Lakeside Residence on Bangna-Trat road in Bangkok Thailand. Regarding to the context, this single house follows the same typology that serves for tropical climate. This land plot does not provide only a backyard and a large garden, but it is also attached with the lake. This gives rises for several advantages from waterfront as a complement element.

Although the large area is not difficult to organize due to less determents, however, the scale of large footprint is considered for open-space spatial design. The typical Asian courtyard, traditional Thai or Chinese house, becomes a tool to create space hierarchy. This provides the dramatic scene as the heart of the home. The orientation of each mass also considered the condition of the site. This leads to potential of ventilation for providing better living quality.

Photography by Soopakorn Srisakul

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- by Matt Watts

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