Itacolomi Apartment by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this elegant apartment was designed by Diego Revollo Arquitetura.

Description by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

From the ceiling to the walls, Diego Revollo, one of the most important names among the creators of the new Brazilian décor, offers a box that encapsulates a sophisticated selection of art and furniture, with balance and great visual effect.

With New York loft air, we start from the existing, so, from the original architecture of Itacolomi 445, which is the major project asset. With features and outstanding volumes in the facade with guardrails and brises in black, the idea was toreplicate these characteristics to the inside, creating a unity between external and internal architecture. In this way we emphasize all metal structure, beams and black frames that stand out in the internal gray box where integration sets the tone in large spaces. Everything was orchestrated in a hierarchy where the architecture said the entire project: Grays, blacks, neutral and navy blue almost noir.”

Not necessarily a minimalist décor, but certainly Diego gave up any over by betting on shapes, volumes and calm textures, quite elegant. This monochrome structure is maintained will strictly the decor palette and contrasts only with the wood always brown in cumarus and walnut, with discrete bits of gold, which contribute to the chic industrial climate.

Photography by Alain Brugier

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- by Matt Watts