House in Ketchum by Lloyd Construction

Designed by Lloyd Construction, this contemporary private residence is located in Ketchum, Idaho, United States.

Description by Lloyd Construction

The 8,300-square-foot home sitting under a hundred 50-foot aspens on the banks of the Big Wood River in Ketchum’s Northwood neighborhood isn’t just a dream home. It’s a “forever home.”

It’s a home that someone else built 26 years ago. But, rather than tear it down and build anew, the owners elected to have Lloyd Construction rebuild the interior. That enabled them to keep the aspens that would have been necessarily cut down with the construction of a new home. And it enabled them to have their “new” home done in three months, rather than the three years that Lloyd Construction president David Lloyd estimates it would have taken to build a house from foundation.

“It’s so cool what they’ve done,” said Chase Gourlay, who oversaw the project for Ben Young Landscape Design. “They said, ‘We can make this work,’ instead of putting everything in the back of a dump truck.”

Photography by Josh Wells

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- by Matt Watts

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