Mountain Drive Residence by Blackbird Architects

Located in Santa Barbara, California, Mountain Drive Residence is a mid-century house designed in 2012 by Blackbird Architects.

Modern, open-concept home with wood and glass features, surrounded by lush landscaping.
Bright, spacious kitchen with blue and white cabinetry, wood beams, and marble countertops.
Sleek, modern kitchen with white marble countertops, wood accents, and blue cabinetry.
An elegant contemporary interior with panoramic views through large windows framed in dark wood.
A cozy, well-stocked home library with towering bookshelves, comfortable furniture, and eclectic decor.
Ornate archway frames a bedroom, revealing intricate woodwork and vibrant colors.
Colorful modern bathroom with graffiti-patterned shower curtain, blue subway tiles, and ocean-themed artwork.
An art studio with large windows overlooking a lush, wooded landscape. Vibrant paintings and art supplies fill the space.

About Mountain Drive Residence

Simplifying Elegance: A Modern Home Overview

This home presents stylish living in a surprisingly straightforward design. Columns and tapered beams of exposed timber hold up a roof that slopes gently, showcasing a stunning 180-degree view of the ocean and islands. Additionally, the curved overhang of the roof provides a spacious outdoor area perfect for dining, unwinding, and playing.

Designing for Comfort and Style

The heart of the house comes alive with an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living space. This area cleverly divides the master suite from the other bedrooms, den, and utility areas. Notably, the design incorporates the owner’s art collection and gorgeous Moroccan doors, choosing interior finishes that blend attractiveness with practicality.

A Fusion of Materials and Light

The exterior of the building offers a captivating mix of materials. It combines plaster, weathering steel, expansive sliding doors, and an array of windows, both punched and clerestory. A separate garage, complete with an artist’s workshop, enhances the home’s features.

Safety and Sustainability in Design

The design prioritizes fire safety, featuring details that help shield the home from wildfires. Surrounding the house, native and drought-resistant plants foster beautiful outdoor gardens designed for leisure activities.

By focusing on a blend of style, functionality, and environmental consciousness, this home stands as a striking example of modern living. Its thoughtful design not only maximizes the natural beauty of its surroundings but also ensures a safe and sustainable lifestyle.

Photography by Matt Wier

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- by Matt Watts