Ideas for Modern Style Bathrooms

We usually make a call to reshape or redesign something in our lives at the start of the new year. But this summer, while facing limited choices for holiday getaways, we have free time and an opportunity to design something new. And if you can’t imagine a full home renovation, the perfect spot for remodeling is the bathroom.

There’s no doubt we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it’s only right to make them look modern and stylish. Modern toilet designs, sleek vanity units, and unique bathtubs can be found in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Aside from the necessary facilities, bathrooms can be dressed up with trendy but ample storage spaces and dispensers, some impressive sanitaryware, and stunning bathroom accessories. Lighting is a vital piece of the puzzle when designing a bathroom, as light can dramatically change the mood of a space.

To help you inspire your next design, we‘ve put a collection of ideas for modern-style bathrooms.

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How much will it cost you to relax in the bath of your dreams

Top designers are always on the lookout for what’s trendy in bathroom suites, from tiles to tubs and everything in between. There are thousands of bathroom suites on the market, which is great news as there is something for everyone. The cost of new bathroom suites can vary depending on what is important for you. For some people, price is more important than the style, aesthetic, or extra functions that a suite may have. For people short on space, they often want every piece to be as multi-functional as possible and are willing to pay more for this option.

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Whatever is important for you or gets you inspired, keep in mind that modern has a different meaning for everyone. Keeping your bathroom modern and vibrant is no easy job, but luckily, scrolling down you’ll find some modern bathroom trends you can incorporate into your home interior.

Modern simplicity at its best

When we refer to modern design, simple geometrical shapes, predominance of white with a little neutral gray, neutral or basic colors, little to no decorative flourishes, and natural materials are some of the concepts and strategies that can often be found on the market. With the right combination of space, clean lines, and feature pieces, your bathroom mood will look like something magical and memorable, a real relaxing retreat.

Fresh flowers and plants definitely have a designated place in simple modern designs. Not only do they add a touch of color but they also make the bathroom less sterile, and more homey and welcoming.

You may also transform your bathroom easily with modern shower panelling that uses natural materials, such as wood or stone. This is the perfect way to add an elegant touch and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain!

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Minimalist white – the ultimate modern bathroom scheme

Minimalism is a major recurring theme in modern decor. All white, focused on function, with smooth surfaces, lack of ornamentation, and without any fluff, the minimalist aesthetic is very calming and pleasing on the eye. The showers and bathtubs are visually appealing and pleasurable for use. Since the minimalist style is nature-inspired, you can put an organic cotton towel, earthy textures, and stone, which is a common material for minimalist bathrooms. Calm and natural tones are preferred, like white, beige, gray, and blue.

Simple lines lend themselves to a clean and serene environment. You can perfectly start the day with a clear head, and you can easily imagine freeing your mind from daily worries before going to sleep with no distractions.

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Bathrooms with open plan design

The open-plan concept was first noticed in hotels. As this trend began to expand, designers began incorporating the style into master bedrooms of private residences. Although the open-plan bathroom is ideal in a large bedroom, they are great for small bedrooms too. This design gives your home a unique look that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional bathroom and bedroom.

Open plan design usually uses a “wet-room” style and distinctly modern elements: geometrical shapes in basic squares, a monochrome color scheme, and minimal decorative elements.

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Black and white design – never enough

In regards to classic color schemes, it doesn’t get any better than black and white. This color combination never goes out of style, no matter what trends come and go. When speaking of sleek, modern spaces, black and white is a favorite choice for interiors, even in bathrooms. You can play with some color accessories or add flowers that will make the bathroom look more luxurious.

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When remodeling go with bright accents

Don’t forget that modern doesn’t mean colorless! Modern bathrooms can accommodate color very well, especially if it’s a single, bright shade. But how do you add a bit of color, character, and energy to these awesome bathrooms?

Bringing color into the bathroom which has a natural palette of colors is all about balance and the right use of space and aesthetics. Not too little and not too much color because it can take away from the sense of tranquility inside the bathroom. Green, red, blue, or yellow. It is your choice, as long as it’s a saturated hue and used as an accent to enhance your modern design.

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Parting Words of wisdom

Modern bathroom design adds spice to your everyday life. When you spend so much time in your bathroom – it’s only right that it gets treated as a sanctuary, meeting all your needs and requirements. We don’t see modern bathroom design losing its appeal any time soon.

If this is the style for you, what are you waiting for? Your ultimate modern bathroom is just a step away from becoming a reality.

If you’re ready to take the next step, head over to Victoria Plum to get started on that dream bathroom.

- by Matt Watts