1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio

1903 Apartment is a modern home redesigned in 2017 by Pas Estudio, located in Valencia, Spain.

1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio - 1
1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio - 2
1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio - 3
1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio - 4
1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio - 5
1903 Apartment by Pas Estudio - 6


The challenge of the proposal was to find the balance between the original spirit of the house and the needs of a 21st century habitat.

The approach of the renovation project has been to intervene in the house by enhancing certain elements of its original layout, recovering and preserving unique elements such as the moldings and coffered ceilings, the hydraulic flooring or the wooden carpentry with its original stained glass windows.

The proposal recovers and enhances both the original floor mosaics and the high ceilings with plaster moldings. The project frames each restored mosaic, surrounding it with new materials, creating colorful carpets. This perimeter base contemplates the passage of part of the new installations.

With the elimination of some of the partitions that compartmentalized the original house, it has been possible to provide the whole with a fantastic luminosity and spaciousness, such as that formed with the new location of the modern kitchen, which is integrated into the space dedicated to the living – dining room area, located at the front of the house. The rest area is reserved for the rear, whose axis of union is formed by a glazed gallery.

Photography courtesy of Pas Estudio

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- by Matt Watts