8 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

It used to be that excess wooden materials would be left in storage, thrown in the trash, or used as firewood because they were deemed useless. Today, you can find reclaimed or repurposed wood in modern homes because of the charm they add to living spaces. They are an eco-friendly and affordable decorative element that any home can benefit from. And so, in this article, we will give you ways to use reclaimed wood to give your home a unique charm. Read on to know them!

Island Counters

If you want a combination of refined and casual kitchen interior, add a center island counter in it incorporated with reclaimed wood. These pieces are typically made by local craftsmen who custom design furniture and cater to residential and commercial projects. Reclaimed wood usually has different natural tones that can be the center of attraction as you walk into the kitchen. The craftsmen can add iron knobs onto the drawers and finish with farm-style handles for the drawers and cabinets.

Fairy Garden Planter Box

If you love growing herbs, flowers, or succulents, an upright planter box could be a great option to build from planks of repurposed wood. Raised bed gardening is becoming a popular alternative to traditional gardening because vertical planters contain soil in a manageable size. The container itself only covers a small amount of space but can have many levels, and pests such as gophers and rabbits won’t be able to climb up them. You can even create a fairy garden planter box for a whimsical feel among the plants you grow.

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

Sometimes you don’t even need to build furniture from scratch. You can create one using pallet wood with minimal effort. Pallet wood was originally used for stacking, storing, protecting, and transporting materials in the warehouse. Nowadays, you can use them for pallet wood projects, a popular way to reuse them worldwide.

You can build many kinds of furniture with wooden pallets, and one of the simplest pieces is a coffee table. You only need two pallets, stain, and casters to build an aesthetically pleasing and affordable coffee table that you can put in your living room.

Old Wood Flooring Or Ceiling

You can use reclaimed pine flooring from an old factory or barn floor planks for your living room or kitchen floor. Vintage flooring made of wood in good condition can also serve as flooring and wall paneling or wood projects that can accessorize the home.
And why not use them on the ceiling if you don’t want them on your floors? When old floor planks look good as-is, you can install them on the kitchen ceiling and marvel at the rustic effect they create. No need for other adornments because they only likely need cleaning to make them last longer.

Accent Wall

If you have a home office that you need to makeover, reclaimed wood could be your best friend. You can use it to add a natural material to a room with domineering artificial materials such as glass and stone. For instance, use reclaimed wood as an accent wall. An accent wall is the center wall of the room. And a wooden plank accent wall can stand out, whether you choose to use a simple pattern or take advantage of the varying grain and colors of wood.

Western-Themed Bar

You may also use the vintage feel of vintage wood to create a walk-up bar. You can build this bar anywhere in the home where your guests will be allowed to flow from one room to another. You can throw in your collection of wine and spirit bottles and a wine refrigerator. Wooden cabinets and the cooler’s surface against the wood grain can create a contrasting but charming effect.

Fireplace Mantel

Stone or contemporary fireplaces can look dramatic when adding antique lumber to the mantel. Or it can serve as a mantel when your fireplace isn’t built with one. Mantels serve as an extra surface where you can display photographs and knick-knacks, and hand stockings during the holidays. Wooden mantels can become an intriguing conversation piece as well.


Headboards can be a head-turner, especially if you use reclaimed wood to make them and design them into a pattern consisting of multiple grains and tones. You don’t need to buy expensive ones because you can certainly create one that will instantly pull a room. Wood also signifies warmth, texture, and color. It is perfect for the bedroom and works with metal and neutral colors.

In Conclusion

Reclaimed wood has a place in any household because of its versatile features. They are not only accessories but also furniture and accents that can liven up a room in many gorgeous ways. If you happen to chance upon pieces of wood, you can save them and reuse them to create a space that you can be proud of.

- by Matt Watts