Ingenious Remodeling Ideas for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, you’re probably brainstorming gift ideas for your dear old dad. Unlike traditional gifts such as a necktie or smartwatch, a home remodeling gift is a unique and really cool concept that will make this Father’s Day more memorable.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ingenious Father’s Day home remodeling ideas that will delight your dad and give your family an amazing space to create lasting memories.

Build Him a Man Cave

Father’s Day is an incredible opportunity to create the perfect man cave where your dad can unwind and indulge in his favorite pastimes, whether alone or with friends and family. Put up comfortable seats and add a large flat-screen TV to provide a great viewing experience. Then, add sophisticated additions like a bar, sink, fridge, storage, wine racks, and fireplace. You can even get a design team to decorate it not only with comfortable chairs and adjustable lighting but also in your dad’s favorite style and color scheme.

Update the Outdoor Kitchen

Many property buyers specifically look for a large backyard area for building a multifunctional outdoor kitchen. If your dad is one of them, you have an incredible opportunity to update the outdoor kitchen and give him more space for creativity. Of course, there’s more to it than a rolling grill and a few shelves to make it into a more desirable property. Think storage, grills, smokers, drawers, fridge space, lights, and more. Opt for stone, granite, and decorative concrete to build excellent, long-lasting, and attractive frameworks that withstand the elements and make for a more desirable property. Also, choose the most convenient location in the backyard and spruce it up with sustainable seating and shade alternatives that come at a fair price.

Spruce Up His Closet Space

Revamping your dad’s closet space is a simple yet elegant gift idea for Father’s Day. If possible, build a walk-in closet to separate and organize all of his business, social, formal, and casual clothes while also giving him a gorgeous space to put on clothes in privacy and groom himself in full-length mirrors. Whenever possible, use built-in shelves and drawers to organize the area. Make sure to ask for advice from closet designers and remodelers. There are numerous strategies, techniques, and ideas for constructing or upgrading a walk-in closet available nowadays so be sure to consult with a professional.

Put Up Some Garage Shelves

Your dad’s garage is probably overflowing with tools, random boxes, and garbage. Now, you don’t want to throw out your dad’s precious belongings, but you can help him organize his things better and get rid of the disarray. Shelves are an excellent way to add more storage space and declutter the garage. Not only will the shelves provide you with more walking room, but they will also make it easier for your father to reach anything easily.

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Repair the Roof

Roof reparations aren’t a simple task. It requires diligent work and operating from a height. Check your roof for damage and make the needed preparations to elevate your home’s value and can even attract commercial property buyers. You’ll prepare for the winter months and protect the house from potential leakages. At the same time, you’ll be gifting your dad precious time to spend his weekend chilling out and watching a game. Just make sure to get repair estimates from several companies to ensure you get the most bang for the buck.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Allow a team of pros to work quickly to complete the paint job both inside and outside the house, saving your dad from the summer heat. Maybe it’s time for a new coat, or perhaps you just need to add a splash of color to brighten up the place. Your dad will be relieved to have his week freed up to relax on the patio as the ideal location for soothing summer days.

Add a Cozy Coffee Corner

The most excellent gift you can give your father is a personalized coffee area in the house. Create a cozy space where he may have a hot cup whenever he wants. Place the coffee machine and a few mugs on a side table. Try to find the perfect location in the kitchen area. On the back wall, hang some photos of your father or frames with motivational quotes. You can also use hooks to hang mugs on the wall. This will save space while also adding a quirky element to the wall.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need a major repair or renovation to impress your dad. Making small tweaks and sprucing up the space to add elements that will bring joy to your father’s everyday life will do the charm. Since adding home value, they can potentially even attract real estate buyers interested in making a fair cash offer. Hopefully, these creative ideas will give you a sense of direction as you prepare to surprise your dear old man this Father’s Day.

- by Matt Watts