First Floor Penthouse by Z-A Studio

New York-based Z-A Studio designed back in 2008 an interesting futuristic first floor penthouse located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Description by Z-A Studio

First Floor Penthouse extends the ephemeral relations between inside and outside. The primary asset of the apartment; its view onto the vast city hall square, is funneled in, creating a horizontal courtyard. Like an inverted penthouse where air, light and landscape penetrate from above, in this case they will do so from one side of the unit to the other, cutting through the building. This funneled landscape separates public from private, turning the bedrooms into a remote entity, when viewed from the open public space. The concept of the artificial landscape was carried through to shape the wall elevations that grow out of the fl oor, the material selection of inside contrasted with the outside and the glass bands that bring natural light to the depths of the space.

- by Matt Watts

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