Dubai Apartments by iKonic by R&S

Recently completed by iKonic by R&S, these two elegant 1000 sq ft apartments are situated in The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Dubai Apartments by iKonic by R&S - 2
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Description by iKonic by R&S

One space, two styles:

In these ideally located studio apartments in Dubai the palm, all was about creating small elegant contests that you don’t have to sacrifice sophistication and glamour to live small.
Beautifully designed apartments that looks perfectly polished in such tiny footprint was our challenge.

With bespoke tailor made storage spaces and meticulously chosen furniture, these small spaces were turn into a elegant homes.

From the balanced floor plan and multiples sources of lighting to the large scale rug, ikonic by R&S team proves that good interior design can make 568 sqft feel like million.

The Coastal Pied a terre:

This home is all about giving attention to every single detail: a neutral palette of beiges and greys with blue accents has been used throughout the space.

The birch wood introduced with the woodfloor is the dominant material in the space, to which we added stainless steel touches, an embrace of reflective, clear and metallic surfaces, a mix of light wood and walls with luxurious textures coupled with a big framed mirror used as pieces of artwork keeps the feeling light and airy and makes the entire space seem quite large.

To create privacy in such a limited open space. iKonic by R&S solution was to design a custom-made divider headboard beautifully layered with a matching wallpaper to divide the space in two separate area: a living / entertainment area and a sleeping area. This not only creates extra space within the property but also create a “wow” factor when visitors discover a perfectly set bedroom behind the divider.

The boutique hotel style:

One classic way to add a touch of glam and luxury to a space is accenting with gold color. In both big and small pieces the shiny hue capture the eye but can be very tacky when all used together.

In this modern contemporary boutique hotel style suite, the big challenge was how to incorporate this luxurious color with its different undertones without being hard on the eyes.

ikonic by R&S team choose to layer shades of gold; from brass lighting, to a golden mashrabiya room divider with warm wood tones and a neutral palette of cream and beige furniture to create a perfect balance and a divine look.

From interior designers perspective, golden color is very tricky and does not necessarily work with all colors, but with an injection of blue and pink accessories the glossy and shiny effect of the gold was absorbed and achieve a relaxed touch for the space.

Shimmering surfaces, sumptuous textiles, reflective mirrors and the right combination of finishing and textures brought together an elegant beautiful interior.
Ikonic by R&S designers prove again that working with gold is timeless, and can be implemented into numerous schemes setting of a luxurious mood.

Photography courtesy of iKonic by R&S

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- by Matt Watts