Bungalow in Singapore by Visual Text Architect

This minimalist single family residence located in Singapore, was designed by Visual Text Architect.

Description by Visual Text Architect

The design takes it inspiration from 2 sources – the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe and the Pradeep Jayewardene House by Geoffrey Bawa. The thrust was to make the architecture as simple as possible, letting it be an expression of the structure. Olympian clarity, cartesian logic and modularity prevailed in the design. Besides using it to test how far economy of means can be pushed, it also sought to create a structure that is as physically and visually light as possible.

While the approach to the architecture is minimalist, the choice of materials sought to create warmth for this owner-occupied family home. Natural materials imported from Indonesia such as brick ventilation blocks, volcanic tiles and solid Indonesian teak are used. Into this palette is thrown a couple of re-purposed materials – railway ties from the Malayan Railway tracks and antique bricks from an old school in Java.

The patina of these re-purposed materials is meant as a contrast to the sleek steel structure; and also to reinforce the biophilic stance of the design where nature plays an equally important part.

To let nature play an equal role to the architecture, a swimming pool longer than the house brings in the therapeutic allure of water. House and pool are fully enclosed by 4 walls of tall and lush green “walls”. The effect – the feeling of a getaway space that transports the occupants from the typical suburban bungalow plot.

Photography by Edward Hendricks

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- by Matt Watts

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