Five Terraces House by Corpo Atelier

Located in Vilamoura, Portugal, this modern two-storey house was designed in 2015 by Corpo Atelier.

Description by Corpo Atelier

A golf course is limited by empty plots for detached houses and scattered trees of various types and heights. At the ground level an immense lawn is only interrupted by sandboxes and low vegetation arrangements. Above it, between the foliage of the treetops, we discover the distant views of the ocean (to the South) and the mountain (to the North).

Five white terraces are stacked to allow us to move vertically and experience these different scales of the surrounding landscape. The voids between them create space for human and vegetal occupation, constantly hidden or revealed, formalizing the illusion of an interior garden or an exterior house.

Photography by Ricardo Oliveira Alves

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- by Matt Watts

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