Plaster Fun House by Sans-Arc Studio

Redesigned and extended in 2019 by Sans-Arc Studio, this single family home is located in Torrensville, Australia.

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Description by Sans-Arc Studio

Conceptual Framework:

The Plaster Fun House has two main conceptual inspirations. Firstly, the clients’ love of Art Deco and P & O style Architecture. Secondly, their style and taste and their extensive collection of unique Italian and Czech glassware and German Pottery. The clients wanted a space that was fun, full of light and compact.

Spatially, we spliced the existing residence. The cottage already housed a good sized dining room, which was integrated into the extension by running a singular kitchen island/dining table through the two spaces. The existing bathroom was expanded and a laundry added adjacent.

Contribution to the Lives of Occupants:

The alteration has upgraded the cottage into an expansive and functional home. It is a playful and light-filled space for the clients to cook, entertain and relax in. They wanted a kitchen where they could keep each other company whilst cooking, the corner bench creates this nook to relax or read in the sun. The opportunity to bring sun into the space has been embraced. The addition softens into the backyard, letting more greenery and light in than any other part of the house. The space feels like an oasis – a bright, art-deco moment.

Relationship Between Built Form and Context:

The project intentionally resists the surrounding building styles (1900s workers cottages and 60s cream and brown brick), forming its own identity through the use of plaster and arches; playing off the large trees and greenery of the backyard. The use of terrazzo is a subtle nod to the 50s and 60s Italian-owned porches of the area. The extension is set back from the Northern boundary, allowing light to flood into the kitchen, with the laundry and bathroom using skylights to provide natural light to those spaces.

Program Resolution:

At 35 sqm of new floor area, the addition and alteration have dramatically transformed the liveability of the house. The bathroom has doubled in size, the existing dining room has been opened up and we’ve added a laundry and generous kitchen – and have provided them with a clean and functional space where everything has its place. The long terrazzo bench is a unique feature that ties the old and new together, providing a focal point for the house and is central to the convivial nature of the space.

Photography courtesy of Sans-Arc Studio

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- by Matt Watts