CR Apartment by Daniele Petteno Architecture Workshop

Located at the Ground and Lower Ground floors of a large Edwardian terraced building in the heart of London, the CR Apartment is the result of the full remodelling and retrofitting of a Two story flat, poorly refurbished in the early 2000s, and which was still presenting a quite fragmented and non-optimized layout.


The project is based on three essential elements-factors:

1) The Open-plan Ground Floor – with the two main areas, (1) Living-Dining and (2) Kitchen with breakfast table, which are defined by different ceiling heights, proportions and light conditions, but physically part of the same space and visually unified by the continuity of the Kitchen-dining furniture along the main internal wall.

2) The internal staircase – that connects the two floors and have been conceived to: (1) have a minimum impact in the middle of the open plan Living-Dining-Kitchen, almost disappearing being bounded just by frameless glazed balustrades, (2) Organize a potential working space in the internal corridor at the lower level, which has been obtained integrating a bespoke desk within a cantilevered staircase that has also opened risers to allow the natural light to flood the lower inner spaces.

3) The rear conservatory – accessible directly from the bedrooms of the Lower Ground, and that provides both indoor and outdoor relaxing areas that may be used throughout all the seasons

Photography by Daniele Petteno

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- by Matt Watts

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