Casa Calixto by GRX Arquitectos

This inspiring stone house located in Puebla de Don Fadrique, Spain, has been designed in 2019 by GRX Arquitectos.


Architecture has lived worried about the city its future and transformations, but the future of the city may be the countryside in the face of climate and political collapse. Casa Calixto allows us to reflect on the possibility of offering rural contexts in the creation of new biopolitical realities.

The house is articulated with a simple program: a garage well connected with the garden able to make parties with friends, and a sunny house in which look to the landscape allows a radical opening which controlling the entry of sunlight throught a big visor. The project is based on the logic of tours through the house, as a promenade architecturale, as well as in its connection with the landscape and the garden. A perimeter wall that, in continuity with the local wall landscape, generates height differences that allow a double dialogue: observe the underlined landscape from the inside as well as preserve the privacy from external views. The transition between inside and outside materializes from a horizontal mouth that opens to the garden and two vertical ones for light entry. When traveling through the house, small openings link the inner domestic world with the exterior landscape. The garden is not understood as the “no-house”, but as an intermediary with the landscape through a new topography.

Photography by Javier Callejas

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- by Matt Watts