MC House by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa

Designed in 2018 by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa, this lovely single family residence is located in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.


The slope of the terrain was decisive for the solution adopted. The existing slope from south to north gave rise to a false basement, where the garage, the lounge and support areas were located. The upper floor joins these two separate volumes longitudinally, creating a covered parking space, giving rise to a lighter volumetry, bridge type, which relates to the surrounding garden.

In this body, on the upper floor, social spaces are located, with the kitchen and living rooms fully open to the south and the office, which faces west.

The body of the rooms, the most intimate core, finishes the whole to the west, landing on the elevation of the land and taking advantage of the views over the pine forest that extends to the bottom of the land. The two bodies are connected through a glass-bridge corridor that lets the garden flow underneath.

The dwelling, privileging the views and the relationship with the surrounding garden, turns essentially south around the outdoor pool, which occupies an intermediate level between the basement and the ground floor.

The implantation determined the functional organization of the exterior spaces and their relationship with the interior. The entrance to the dwelling is made to the north, at the level of the ground floor, through a soft ramp parallel to which another car access is drawn, leading to the basement and the garage.

The objective of the project, based on the premises and constraints of the place, was to create an integrated housing in the surroundings, privileging the relationship of the interior and exterior spaces, creating different areas according to the views, the sun and the shadow and the functionality of each space, looking for a strong connection with the terrain.

Photography by João Margalha

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- by Matt Watts

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