Walls have Ears by WAW

Step into the world of enchanting decor with Walls have Ears, a captivating project designed by WAW and originally modeled by the talented French designer, Caroline Schilling. Crafted by Portuguese ceramists with unrivalled ancestral expertise, these unique hooks seamlessly blend into your surroundings while adding a touch of charm and mystique.

Each ear-shaped hook, whether left or right, carries a unique detail, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and the precious, sculptural finish of the enamelled porcelain. But these are more than just decor items. Whisper your secrets into their ears and let them guard your mysteries. The more ears you have, the better your secrets are kept.

Join us as we delve into the unique universe of Walls have Ears, a testament to the power of design, sustainability, and the beauty of keeping secrets.

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About Walls have Ears

Handcrafted Design in Portuguese Ceramics

Originally designed and handcrafted in France, Caroline Schilling entrusted the production of her unique creations to Portuguese ceramists. Renowned for their unrivalled ancestral expertise, these ceramists breathe life into Schilling’s designs.

Sustainable and Elegant Packaging

A global eco-design process was employed in the creation of the packaging. This recyclable kraft-board, printed and crafted in France, stands as an impressive case study of sustainable yet luxurious packaging design.

Whispering Walls: Discreet and Charming Hooks

These ear-shaped hooks are a perfect pairing. Once placed on your walls, they become silent confidants, discreetly blending into your decor while quietly safeguarding your secrets.

Precious Details in Porcelain Finish

The more ears you have, the safer your secrets are! These pieces are finished with an enamelled porcelain, lending a precious and sculptural appeal. Pay close attention to the minute details that make each ear distinctive. Whether it’s a left or right ear, each piece remains a unique work of art.

Photography courtesy of Caroline Schilling

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- by Matt Watts