Simple Roof Designs for Your New House

The roof is the topmost part of any building, which protects the structure from harsh weather conditions, like direct sun rays, wind, and rain. Besides offering protection, roofs complete and enhance the appearance of a house. It also plays an important role in making the house durable, energy-efficient, and weatherproof. Depending on the design, roofs also provide an extra living space.

Apart from roofing materials, you should consider the theme and shape of your house and the climatic conditions of your area when selecting your preferred roof design. Note that you should hire professionals to install, repair or replace roof. Below are popular roof designs to consider for your new house.

1. Modern Flat Roofs

Also known as terrace roofs, flat roofs slope slightly to drain water. They are easy to install and can easily be converted into green roofs or garden patios. Flat roofs are perfect for urban homes, as they provide unlimited space while allowing homeowners to increase their impact with plants, lights, glass, and pergola. However, you shouldn’t construct flat roofs if you live in areas with heavy rainfall and dense snowfall.

2. Curved Roof Design

Curved roofs are designed like an arch, which adds visual interest to your home. Curved roofs have one gable with sloped and flat sides. You can also opt for a curved roof with sloped ends on all sides and an elevated center. Curved roofs provide excellent wind resistance and can be constructed from different materials, including wood, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

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3. Green Roof Design

Green roofs are increasingly becoming popular, especially in cities with environmentally friendly policies. Green roofs or rooftop gardens are widely covered with plants and vegetation. Constructing green roofs requires a lot of expertise compared to other roof designs.

These roofs have supplementary layers that act as roof barriers and support irrigation and drainage systems. Green roofs absorb direct sunlight and heat in warm areas, reducing a house’s indoor temperatures.

4. Gable Roof Design

The gable is the triangular-shaped area formed when two pitched roofs join. Gable roofs are a popular roof design in most homes because they are easy to build, allow for excellent ventilation, drain water, and suit various home designs. They also create additional living space, which forms an attic space. Modern gable roofs have various designs, including cross, boxed, side, and front gable roof designs.

5. Sloping Roof Design

Sloping roofs are popular and preferred by most roofing designers for various reasons. They are firm and very effective against heavy rainfall and snowfall. Sloping also eases water flow, preventing moisture accumulation and waterlogging problems. However, the sloping angle is important to avoid moisture stagnation and structural damage to the roof. Homeowners can also collect a lot of rainwater from sloping roofs. They can also be converted to provide additional living and storage space.

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A well-designed house should be complemented by a roof design that enhances its aesthetics and durability. You should carefully choose your roof design from various available shapes, colors, designs, and material options. Remember that modern roof designs focus on eco-friendly features and the provision of additional living space.

- by Matt Watts