House of Eight Gardens by GoKo MX

Situated in Cuernavaca, Mexico, this modern single storey residence was designed in 2014 by GoKo MX.

Description by GoKo MX

Smart Living: The Luxury of Rest

Today, we live in an accelerated manner within the city. Quality of life is measured by luxury rather than experience. On this basis, we opted for a practical and sincere architecture to respond to our customer needs, prioritizing internal open spaces naturally lit. Less area built allowed better construction costs, less resources, and greater interaction with nature.

Our goal was to create a house and relaxing experience of absolute rest. To contribute to a better environment improving life quality, the mission was to provide the user an alternate space where pleasure and relaxation could live together.

Natural Heart

We benefited from the main tree on the property and turned the project around it. Eight indoor gardens were inserted for each space, achieving a different touch of nature on everyone.

Our design starts from the center: a “tabachín” floating in a pond that functions as the heart, a connection between all spaces. The guest rooms open onto their inner gardens respectively: the ferns garden and the Maculli garden.

Although our architecture plays a fundamental role on the house, it is through the insertion of spaces for contemplation of nature that we achieve one true experience.

Efficient Architecture: We Accomplish More With Less

We based the design on a grid that conforms the structure and arranges and opens every space. By doing so, we get to play with the flexibility on the inside of the house through the offset of walls.

Full floor-to-ceiling windows emphasize views and natural light. The interior height keeps cool spaces despite high temperatures in Cuernavaca.

Artificial LED lighting, water catchment and treatment systems, electricity photocells, and solar hot water heaters reduced the overall energy consumption of the house and created awareness of our environment project.

Photography courtesy of GoKo MX

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- by Matt Watts

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