Mountain House by Fabio Fantolino

Located in the small town of Courmayeur in Italy, this rustic mountain residence was designed in 2014 by Fabio Fantolino.

Description by Fabio Fantolino

At the foot of Mont Blanc, in the small town of Courmayeur, an attic from a typical mountain house has been reinterpreted with clear and modern shapes through the use of distinctive choices of wood, mixed with black iron elements that recreate a traditional atmosphere without sacrificing a sense of contemporaneity.

The furnishings, walls, ceilings and floors, designed by Studio Fantolino and built by Enriart a famous local carpentry, are defined by a recovered and selected fir wood which gives comfort and a natural touch to the environment, while enhancing the concrete support beams of the roof, deliberately left exposed, in order to further accentuate the contrast between the old and the new.

The furniture inside the living room, thought to be a cohesive unit with the kitchen and dining area are juxtaposed with works of art and textiles, creating intimate and comfortable areas: especially the reading area consists of a leather armchair that comfortably envelops the reader, whose book is illuminated by the soft light of the lamp “Paw” designed by architect Fabio Fantolino for Phanto. The pieces of art that find space inside the apartment, and especially in the living area and the bedroom, are works from the artist Fabio Pietrantonio.

Throughout the attic the lights are designed to give the place a cozy atmosphere through a combination of different lamps: to the use of cloth pleated lampshades that create a warm and diffusing light, contrasts in the presence of appliques from La Lampe Gras, located above the dining table and in the bedroom, giving a more functional and industrial touch to the rooms, thus reinforcing the contemporary mood of the apartment.

The rough wood of the bathroom and the kitchen fournitures is further enhanced by the combination of tops and coverings in gray Cogne stone, thus generating a further reminder of the building traditions of Valle d’Aosta.

Photography courtesy of Fabio Fantolino

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- by Matt Watts

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