Apartment in Milan by Silvio Stefani

This metropolitan industrial loft designed by Silvio Stefani is situated in Milan, Italy.

Description by Silvio Stefani

A metropolitan loft endorsed by Minà & Natural Skin can unveil the expressive potential as well as the reasoning behind the space. The black metal and the cooked wood, merge together to create scenographic environments with a safe sculptural impact. The spaces are open and dynamic and receive much praise – thanks to the flexibility of the possible layouts.

The interior gives rise to and articulates intimate and theatrical glimpses, whilst still marrying up the ideal and practical side of an idea of comfort which is truly contemporary. The atmosphere becomes dynamic and aesthetically like days gone by, with unprecedented traces of refined and decisive lines. A harmonious union Minà and Natural Skin are different lines, both in the materials they use and forms they take. Natural Skin is characterised by lean, geometric and minimal lines, whereas the Minà line shows more references to tradition.

Two different styles, able to coexist in perfect harmony. Minà, the object of desire Minà is the new concept for the multi-functional island, where tradition meets cutting edge technologies, refined details and high quality craftsmanship.

The clarity of black metal and its shape become timeless and the epitome of the kitchens that are adapted for different types of rooms, be it minimalist or traditional. Natural Skin, the warmth of wood A warm natural skin envelopes the total black structure of Natural Skin. A line designed to create the perfect synthesis of natural and modern technology. The consistency of the wood – unlaquered but treated with a specific process and the smoothness of the metal merge together to create the perfect balance.

Photography by Marco Silotto, Enrico Dal Zotto

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- by Matt Watts

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