House Remodel by Black Pencils Studio

Designed in 2015 by Black Pencils Studio, this contemporary two-story house is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Description by Black Pencils Studio

Ladprao 80 house is erected from existing structures of two houses, first is rebuilt to be the double volume living area, and second is kept to be the service function behind the parking garage. For the first, super structure was demolished and replaced with new steel structure. The extension of the main building is built surrounding the living area in L-shape to be four bedrooms on the 2nd and the 3rd floor.

Entering this house from the South allows natural light and natural ventilation into the premises, while keeping privacy inside through layers of architectural elements, timber trellis, steel frame and full opening glass façade. Dense timber screens to cover bedrooms balcony, and repeated in a loosen pattern over living area façade, creating different degree of privacy and openness. Furthermore, the outer layer of the house is filled with layers of trees and fence to complete the design. These layers not only use as a privacy filter, but also cast a pattern of shadows into an interior space, in addition, adding another subtle layer of reflection on the glass wall.

From the interior, layers of façade elements cast various shadow movement into habitable space, changing from morning through evening. While on the outside, layers of architectural tectonic bring out a three-dimensionality of the façade, thereby combining functionality, spatial quality and architectural aesthetic.

Photography courtesy of Black Pencils Studio

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- by Matt Watts

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