Apartment Renovation by Needdesign

This lovely country house located in Dnipro, Ukraine, has been recently redesigned and extended by Needdesign.


Renovated – this is a a small one-story house transformation project into a two-story cottage. It was a difficult task for us to fit into the framework of a limited budget, but on the other hand, this allowed us to create an original and atmospheric project of a country interior. On the ground floor there is a kitchen-living room space, a library area and a guest bathroom. One of the customer’s wishes was to use old brick in finishing. A structure-bearing wall and a fireplace were laid with hand-molded brick from a dismantled building, with traces of the paws of animals. We used a lot of vintage elements of furniture and decor in this interior: Viennese chairs in the dining room, lamps, candlesticks. Almost everything was purchased on resale platforms. Customer found some retro-switches and sockets in his grandmother’s house.

Photography courtesy of Needdesign

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- by Matt Watts

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