Blairs of Dinner Plain: Celebrating Alpine Heritage

Nestled in Dinner Plain, Australia’s most distinctive alpine village, lies the rejuvenated Blairs of Dinner Plain chalet, masterfully reimagined by Britt White Studio in 2023.

Paying homage to its original architect, Peter McIntyre, the iconic chalet now thrives with a revitalized spirit and vibrant color palette, inspired by the surrounding snow gum landscape. Respecting the original “emotional functionalism” aesthetic, Britt White Studio modernizes this family skiing haven while retaining its traditional stone, timber, and corrugated iron features. An intriguing blend of history and contemporary design, Blairs encapsulates the enduring charm of Australian alpine architecture.

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About Blairs of Dinner Plain

Revitalizing Alpine Heritage: A Peter McIntyre Original Reborn

Resting in the unique heartland of Dinner Plain, Australia’s most iconic alpine village, Britt White Studio revitalized a historic chalet, crafting a sanctuary for a snow-loving family while paying homage to a Peter McIntyre original.

An Ode to Australian Alpine Architecture

Renowned architect Peter McIntyre, the vanguard of Australian alpine architecture, architected Dinner Plain Alpine Village’s masterplan and vernacular. Drawing inspiration from ancient cattlemen’s huts, Peter, in conjunction with the McIntyre Partnership, birthed the original edifices of this alpine community, including Blairs.

The Birth of an Emotional Functionalism Masterpiece

Erected in the early 1980s, Blairs is a humble abode featuring loft-style bedrooms, a bathroom, and an open-concept living space incorporating a kitchen and dining area. Blairs, crafted from stone, timber, and corrugated iron, showcases a remarkable original stone fireplace and a vaulted Douglas Fir ceiling, echoing Peter’s dedication to “emotional functionalism.”

Transforming Blairs of Dinner Plain: A Modern Expression of a Historic Gem

Four decades later, Britt White Studio was entrusted to reimagine this ski-loving family’s second home, merging respect for the original architecture with vibrant color and playfulness. Challenged to invigorate a well-loved dwelling worn by time, Britt embarked on creating modern, engaging spaces while integrating novel storage solutions.

Inspired by Nature: Color, Texture and Emotional Resonance

The renovation drew initial inspiration from the surrounding snow gums, visible from Blairs’ living areas. The client’s affinity for color and the snow gums’ prevalent hues informed the material selection for the house. Preserving existing timber and stone features, the new additions introduce a refreshing sense of texture, warmth, and energy, resulting in an interior both contemporary and introspective.

Artisan Collaboration: A Melange of Texture and Color

In partnership with local artisans, craftspeople, and trades, Britt White Studio transformed the kitchen and bathroom, revamped flooring and upholstery, and curated vintage furniture, all while integrating contemporary Australian furniture brands. The revamped kitchen, flaunting bold pink hues and brass details, becomes the living space’s focal point, reflecting Britt’s overarching design philosophy.

A Celebration of Alpine Design, Nature, and Color

“This project offered my team a unique opportunity in one of my favorite regional towns, Dinner Plain,” Britt shares. “Drawing from McIntyre’s original designs and our personal experiences in the Victorian Alps, coupled with the clients’ nature love, we sculpted a space where alpine design, nature, and color thrive. We’re tremendously proud of Blairs’ transformation: a textural, colorful interior encapsulated by a rugged exterior ensuring year-round comfort.”

Blairs of Dinner Plain: A Beacon of Modern Australian Alpine Design

The clients expressed immense satisfaction with the renovation, praising Britt’s reinvention of Blairs as truly honoring the building and village’s heritage. They appreciated the sympathetic design that enhances storage, functional living spaces, and convenience for their modern family. “Britt delivered an exceptional interior design project that will serve as a beacon of unique, modern Australian alpine design for years to come,” they beamed.

Photography by Devlin Azzie

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- by Matt Watts