House in Viana do Castelo by Carvalho Araújo

This contemporary vacation house situated in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, was designed in 2015 by Carvalho Araújo.

Description by Carvalho Araújo

The shelter is located on a steep terrain on the edge of the village, with a privileged view over the Serra d’Arga mountains. The building occupies the space of the existing ruin. There are images of villages and farms that we retain since ever. The first image that we associate to the terrain and the place is the water tank: public or private, they served to wash, water supply or even to the more or less illegal child’s adventures. Above all they were an important meeting point, a workplace and an important symbol of community life. The house consists of a concrete volume that hosts the pool and that rises from the ground, allowing to add the program at the bottom, reinforcing the idea of shelter. The pool assumes particular relevance in the design, searching in its relationship with the terrain the image of the old tanks. The steep slope of the terrain allowed to accommodate a shelter at the bottom of the pool volume, composed by a living room/kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The elementary program was organized around an interior courtyard that provides lighting and ventilation to the rooms.

Photography by Hugo Carvalho Araújo

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- by Matt Watts