Casa Emme-Emme by Filippo Bombace

Casa Emme-Emme is a contemporary apartment located Rome, Italy, redesigned in 2020 by Filippo Bombace.

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The need to configure the new house according to a contemporary language, clean and natural, but not exasperated, is the goal of the renovation of a beautiful penthouse for a couple of customers which is portrayed so a sober, elegant and linear space, without implementing any kind of distribution disruption, respecting indeed the existing arrangement of the living and sleeping areas, only touched up for some timely refinements.

The entrance is characterized by a gray lacquered boiserie that blends the front door in a weave of low backgrounds to stitch in a single design even the adjacent radiator cover and overlooking the large living room, set up with a sofa composition from the center of the room at the service of the large wall-mounted TV; from this you ‘slip’ in a fluid way in the dining area, with the set table-chairs and oak sideboard.

In turn, the dining area is in direct communication with the kitchen, portrayed with a striking peninsula to thirst the request for ‘worktops’ expressed by the client; the panel in mirror finish placed to define the back of the same peninsula, helps to lighten it, making virtually rise to nothing the large top in dark stained oak.

On the back of the working area are positioned the columns fridge and oven, while a glass slot reveals the study room behind, flooded with light from the large windows.

The corridor then gives access through invisible doors, first to the laundry room, then to the guest bathroom – where a whole glass wall ensures the right amount of natural light even in the absence of a real window – and then to the bedroom suite.

This suite, equipped with its own bathroom (equipped with washbasin, sanitary ware, a comfortable shower tray and a bathtub in the middle of the room) allows access to the bed area, which is conveniently secluded, by passing through the wardrobe.

A warm parquet floor characterizes the whole house, except for the working area of the kitchen and the bathrooms, paved with a practical porcelain stoneware.

The medium gray, elected as the ‘color’ of the intervention, emphasizes the appropriate architectural episodes (partitions, veils or entire walls), scanning the space in a geometric way in that long visual perspective that cuts across the apartment, penetrating from the living area, through the dining room and then the kitchen, up to the veranda study; it is here that Camilla, the house cat, crouches on the rope armchair, in the rays of the sun.

Photography by Serena Eller

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- by Matt Watts