Grillagh Water by Patrick Bradley Architects

Grillagh Water is a contemporary house that is situated on a picturesque site in rural Northern Ireland.

It was designed in 2014 by Patrick Bradley Architects.

Description by Patrick Bradley Architects

Employing cantilevers and sculptural forms, a natural palette of finishes in rusted COR-TEN® steel and dark gray expanded metal, and a concept based on the simple forms and materials of agricultural sheds located throughout the rural countryside, this building both complements its site and surrounding landscapes.

As part of an experimental project, the building was designed not only to be innovative, but also to help change the perceptions of Northern Ireland’s rural contemporary architecture and how good design can raise the spirits and emotions of its occupants within a modest budget.

The Grillagh Water house was designed not only to camouflage itself into its surroundings, but also to be an elegant piece of architecture that betters the site where it now exists.

The layout of the house takes full advantage of what the site has to offer, with outstanding views of the historic Drumlamph Woodland, bypassing Grillagh River, and mountains beyond, with accommodation that is functionally and practical in the day-to-day living of its occupant.

Innovative design and construction, with the use of new technologies and details, provides a building that is not only low-maintenance, but also low-cost.

Being constructed out of four 45-foot-high cube shipping containers, which is a first for rural Ireland, the building is also a first in terms of dramatic bespoke architecture being designed and constructed in the rural countryside.

Photography by Patrick, Richard Lavery

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- by Matt Watts

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