Elegant Luxury by NG-studio Interior Design

Designed by NG-studio Interior Design, this luxurious apartment is situated in the French city of Nice.

Description by NG-studio Interior Design

Interior stylistic of this residence was inspired by the atmosphere of the city of Nice, local architecture features and lifestyle of a living on Cote d’Azur.

Several apartments inside the historic mansion on Promenade des anglais – were merged and formed the canvas for the future interiors of this residence. NG-studio carefully select and choose all finishing materials, in order to create a restrained color palette and background of the whole interior.

In the further development of the interior, certain accents were placed in details of decoration, in decor and fabrics – all this makes the interior complete and bring more modern notes into it.
The whole style is based on a combination of classics, art deco and modern style. Classic lines of cornices are combined with exotic wood, suede, bronze glass and gold.

The interior corresponds both the status of the residence and the bright dynamic lifestyle of clients and meets to their positive attitude towards life. As a result – a bright, noble interior – balanced on the brink of luxury and restraint, filled with bright details and warmed by the bright sun of the Côte d’Azur.

Photography by Rosa Amato

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- by Matt Watts

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