BMWL by Tennen Studio

This concrete desert property designed in 2016 by Tennen Studio is located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

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Description by Tennen Studio

Prior to our designing this house and site, our clients had lived in a house on the desert property for 20 years. Our reinterpretation of the site, folding in their experiences and pushing them to see things in new ways, as well as creating a home that responded to the desert setting were the foundation for the design process. Concrete construction can work well in the harsh climate of the desert because of the thermal mass. Concrete construction as a finish material is also a beautiful, organic and tactile back drop for the play of light that is critical to a desert experience. The clients provided an opportunity for us to expand our work with concrete design and craft, refining mix designs, forming materials and methods. The strong architectural concrete walls in this project are contrasted with refined wood ceilings, stone floors, steel windows, hand troweled plaster, rich walnut millwork and natural light. What is now young desert landscaping, will grow to root the house in its hillside setting.

Photography courtesy of Tennen Studio

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- by Matt Watts