Tiger Prawn by Wowowa Architecture

Redesigned in 2018 by Wowowa Architecture, this inspiring brick house is situated in Fitzroy North, Australia.


Glorified in architecture forever, the humble tiger prawn becomes a two-pronged deity for this Fitzroy North renovation. What started as a nickname for the brown & gold Hawthorn brick frill pattern typically adorning the apertures of Victoria Terraces – ‘Tiger Prawn typology’ was embraced by the then new clients who sought out WOWOWA for the coining. The zig-zag (almost scalloping) pattern was then translated & embellished to form the full-blown scalloped extension to the rear. In the spirit of cohesion & reinterpretation of the existing visual language, the weightiness of the bricks was critical. The sculptural silver form exaggerates the verticality of the gesture as it whimsically draws a fortified silhouette in the sky – a man’s home is his castle after all.

Photography courtesy of Wowowa Architecture

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- by Matt Watts