City Never Sleeps Wall Murals

City Never Sleeps collection is a PIXERS’  tribute to great metropolises that for ages have inspired not only artists, but also most importantly, ordinary people. Cities where hearts of inhabitants beat the same rhythm and where history is created by human passions, dramas and great romances. The cities that never sleep, because when one tells “goodnight”, the other tells “good morning”. The cities where anything can happen and any dream can come true.

New York is not just Manhattan and there are places in Paris from which you can’t see the Eiffel Tower. To show the avantgarde side of these metropolises, the collection focuses on sketches. In this way each city gains a new dimension, and the wall murals seem to echo the sounds of New York Jazz and Parisian accordion. Welcome to the metropolis as seen with our eyes. The eyes of dreamers, optimists, romantics. The eyes of people who enjoy life to the full. In the end… if we can make it in New York, we’ll make it anywhere!

- by Matt Watts